Martin Kimeldorf's Shared Words

Aging Well

This book is for the "Seasoned Citizen" or retiree feeling a bit “stuck” and perhaps a bit unsure what he or..... READ MORE

A Leisure Wellness  - To some, it may seem contradictory to have a serious book about leisure, but if you view time as the most precious of non-renewable resources, then it makes sense to deal seriously with issues ....


Plays & Politics - These plays were written in the 70s and 80s and later 2003. Each has won awards ad been produced. Martin Kimeldorf blends and borrows stylistic....


Career & Job - Use a Career Portfolio to creative showcase your job skills and experience. This will give you an edge when interviewing or networking for jobs...... 


Poetry - For over 30 years Martin wrote his wife Judy 3 poems annually. Come turn the pages of a true life love story. Then borrow lines, ideas, or entire poems to share with your special partner.


Food & Drink

It will save you time and change up your BBQ game. The unique recipes and details provide fail-safe cooking..... READ MORE

Soul Work Essays

These short 20 to 40 page essays and booklets reflect long-term studies on the subjects of healing, evolution..... READ MORE

More books

Photogaphy - Once you learn how to loosen up before the lens, you’ll pose for a bland image. Photographers can also use these Improvisational Posing Games to go..... 


Journal Books - As your author your life’s narrative, you take a hand in shaping it’s route. This book will help you express who you are as you examine your interests...