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Leisure Wellness For Workaholics

Balancing Your Work And Play Ethics

​First published by Career Magazine in 1996. This on-going theme has repeatedly come back into popularity as we find ways to escape our workaholic life-styles in our sped-up, multi-tasking society. This seven page article will

​Serious Play

​A Guidebook For Leisure Wellness
With an introduction by Richard Bolles
(author of "What Color Is Your Parachute")

To some, it may seem contradictory to have a serious book about leisure, but if you view time as the most precious of non-renewable resources, then it makes sense to deal seriously with issues of time and money, interests, community, education, and retirement. It boils down to finding time for the things you want to do. It means learning about ways to eliminate the multi-tasking lifestyle or the need to take “information vacations.” Several checklists and exercises help you identify new options. You'll learn various techniques for developing quality leisure moments, prioritizing your free time, and connecting with opportunities right in your own community. Serious Play readers re-establish a new balance between their work and leisure lives.

This program is ideal for people experiencing any significant change such as mid-life and retirement transitions, divorce or widowhood. And, if you're a workaholic, you definitely need to read this book! Materials from this book have been used in drug rehabilitation and wellness programs. Married couples and single parents also both know that quality relationships grow out of the process of sharing leisure interests with their partners. (Former print publisher: Ten Speed Press.1994. Revised copy formerly distributed at Formerly at Amazon, now available at as an e-book (PDF file).