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Though I loved playing sports I am not a sports fan. Yet, I learned from the Seahawks an important lesson when they lost the Superbowl in the last 6 seconds. It is never, never about winning, but rather how you play the game from kick-off to final buzzer!

I celebrate in the potlatch spirit. There are no prices no more. As a result, I by giving away my words and pixels I can be wealthy beyond all imagination. And, I am not alone. The impressionist paint Turner bequeathed his art to the British people. The Smashwords e-book publisher encourages authors to try letting people pay what they want.

I remember the Internet before it was “monetized” by Google-Facebook-Amazon. Back then it was a free-for-all. We shared ideas, anger, leads, friendship, support, laughter. Back then, we didn’t try to turn every mouse click into money. You searched and got back honest results, not what the Google profile said you should have. Today Big Brother rolls over in endless belly laughs at the way the government and profiteers collect endless data on us. With your help, I’m going to stand up and stand against this tide.

I’d like to drink to that notion with your help. Let's share a virtual toast.

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​Martin Kimeldorf enjoys working on the leading edge of new movements and trends. His innovative titles have established multiple firsts. In retirement he no longer works for pay, but works just as hard as before. These days he labors for the love of his projects.

In 1985 his first big publishing break came from writing the first commercially available books on job clubs for young people and later adults. Job Search Education began in a prison curriculum and later found its way into colleges and public schools. Other innovative volumes focused on intergenerational programming, leisure wellness for adults, career portfolios, and mainstreaming people with disabilities. During the 1970s through 90s Martin wrote plays about unemployment, the FBI, futurism, war, and living with disabilities. He has received awards for teaching, writing books and articles, and drama.

Most of the current titles have been previously published by both big print trade publishers like Ten Speed Press, Peterson, as well as educational presses including Educational Design, and Free Spirit. Many shorter works were put out by local independent publishers. His titles cover various topics: careers, leisure, community service, creative journal writing, digital photography and posing, cooking, drama, and aging. In addition, in 2008 he was offered a book contract for the love poems and photographs he has created for his wife Judy across 30+ years. His research and speculative essays are about economics and history, science and spirituality, and recovery from a near death experience.

Martin has lived in Tumwater, Washington with his wife Judy for over 35 years. There he has enjoyed bicycling the scenic byways of Puget Sound, digital photography, teaching classes and workshops at the local library, food store, books stores and camera clubs. If you visit he’ll grill his renowned martini-brined salmon or brisk seared steak, and serve something from his mixology collection. Take a tip from his dog FrankyLou and leave the room when he pulls out his blue’s harp (harmonica).

This site does not accept money.

​I’ve had a great time writing, painting, and photographing my whole life. My titles, my works are like family, a part of me, worth much more than money. Now I'm using this web site to share my family of words and images with you.

Here in the Pacific Northwest the Native American's Potlatch festivals teach us a valuable lesson about sharing. In the past, the most powerful individual at the festivity was never the one riding in on the best ride, nor wrapped in the most expensive blanket, but rather the one who could give away the most during the celebration. Welcome to my digital potlatch.

If you like one of my downloaded documents—if it feeds your soul or your brain—then pour a favorite libation, toast to me, and consider making a donation I currently support the Little Read School House here or the Public Library in Gander Newfoundland here