Martin Kimeldorf's Shared Words

Aging Well

Journal on Growing an Old Soul

​​This journal was written on my 67th birthday as I acknowledged my passage from the young-old and into the sanctuary of the middle-old stage of life. As I retired and entered the young-old stage,

I addressed the question “What do I want to do NOW that I’m grown up.” While the questions change a bit, the essesntial task continues in this later stage: to remain engaged, to keep playing or laughing, to make the most of what we have left.

Seasoned Learner Institute Concept

​The huge demographic shift of Baby Boomers maturing into Elder Boomers is attracting growing national attention. While some welcome this transition, others find it difficult.

Whatever one’s views, I believe it presents a new and renewing opportunity for those who can help this creative generation discover a new engagement through life-fulfilling education. In this brief paper I'm outlining a concept for creating a Seasoned Learner Institute which provides for life-extending educational experiences.

gourmet aging

​You choose your retirement. You can wander into it with a vague, haphazard approach. Or, you can enter with a sense of purpose and passion. Learn how to creatively redefine aging, where “seasoned citizens” explore the abundant life in during “elderhood”.

Using inventories, journals, drawings, dialogues, planning tips, and research tools you can develop a clear sense of what you want to do, based on what you are good at. Specific chapters cover options for work, leisure, community service, learning, and spirituality. Gourmet Aging helps you answer the essential retirement question, “What do I want to do, NOW that I’m grown up?”