​This unique French cocktail has become our new favorite. The Lillet lightly sour-dances with the bourbon’s stronger flavor, while the crème de cassis softens with sweet notes of the black currants, and adds a royal red hue.

BBQ & Free Recipes

Reverse Seared Tri-Tip With Injectable Grenadine Sauce

​Tri-tip is an intriguing triangular piece of meat has been largely overlooked, but with the meteoric rise in beef prices it now serves as a tenderloin alternative at half the price. By using a reverse sear you'll avoid over-cooking. The reward is a rich beefy sirloin flavor with the buttery texture of tenderloin.

MK’s Sweet and Tangy Pork Rub

​This rub will lay down a carpet of compelling-Q across your pork. I use this on all things pork including slow smoked ribs, reverse seared pork loin chop, and pulled pork recipes.

Grilled Fruit Desserts and BBQ Ice Cream Sundaes

​There is no better ending to a barbecued meal than caramelized fruit from the grill. Peaches, apples, even pears provide a light, mouth cleaning finish to any outdoor dining experience. Most fruits develop a more intense flavor after being grilled. Whether enjoyed along or added into a glazed topping for ice cream it makes a grand finale!

Brick Seared Steak Reverse Seared

​The techniques follows in the tradition of using “grill presses” in steak house but done with a foiled brick. This recipe is worth the price of admission because it includes a plethora of master-chef steak techniques and a attention-grabbing Teriyaki-Espresso-Butter Steak Sauce to finish

Flavor-Crazy Salmon on Your Gas Grill

​This hybrid brine-marinade always brings rave reviews when combined with my salmon rub. This uses the same brine marinade I like with planked salmon. Here the previous recipe has been adapted to gas grills and simplified

Meditation on the q

​Meditations on the Q includes Recipes and Musings For The Gourmet BarbeQue Life. It will save you time and change up your BBQ game. The unique recipes and details provide fail-safe cooking experiences. Recipes are written for smokers and grills using charcoal, gas, and electricity.

Martin Kimeldorf's Shared Words

MY MIXOLOGY, Cocktails, FUNNY & Literary Sleight of Hand

​This sample from My Mixology sits between the simple 1950s highball mixes and the craft cocktails emerging in this century. You will find inventive easy-to-build cocktails like the Black Gold Bloody Mary, Irish Whiskey Mocha Kahlua Cola, Wild Cherry Bourbon Ride, and new takes on old standards. The title also includes many tasty quotes to inspire thinkin’ while drinkin’. Bottoms up.

Smoked Mixed Nuts And Nutty Buddies

​You can buy smoked nuts, but the kind you make on your smoker will possess a more delicate and attention-grabbing flavor. Make extra, because these babies go quickly.