Journal Books

Authoring Your Days In Journals And Personal Portfolios

​This book is chock full of techniques for creatively exploring your life and times in Personal Journals as well as Personal Portfolios. This process will help you express who you are as you examine your interests, passions, challenges, and the changes you have gone through. Exercises cover many different areas including:

- Left brain (word-based) and right brained (doodling, charting, drawing)
- Using a journal to improve physical and emotional wellness
- Exploring relationships
- Career, midlife, and retirement transitions
- Coping with workplace re-structuring, workaholism, and learning leisure wellness
- Finding humor and using creative problem solving in a journal
- Deepening your commitment to community involvement and service
- Affirming your spiritual side
- Digital Options: Online, personal digital assistants, and desktop publishing
- Documenting personal studies for possible credit
- Design and construction techniques for portfolios

Originally published in 2003 and used in many workshops thereafter.

Martin Kimeldorf's Shared Words

​Digital Photo Journal

​This book was originally written for camera clubs and scrapbookers, long before Facebook and Flickr took off. Digital Photo Journal has something for you whether you are a new digital camera owner, share photos online, or are riffling through old pictures for scrapbooking purposes. It contains a wealth of samples and ideas prompting new ways to look at your old (or current) photos.

The contents of this book are grouped into chapters, which are called Collections; each with a common subject or theme from urban to landscapes, sadness to humor, photo art and straight shots, and more. Each theme can suggest new topics for shooting and writing.

British Photoblogger “Tintl” wrote, “I wish this e-book had been available when I first started taking photos!  I read a lot of information about shutter speed, aperture size, pixels and colour management but little about having a sense of creative purpose and emotion when setting out to capture images. I spent many hours aimlessly wandering around the area I live in, in the hope of coming across something special – many times I came back disappointed. The ‘prompts’, examples and wonderful illustrations contained in the book are very inspiring and I am sure all photobloggers, whether they are just starting out or more experienced, will find something in it to help them view their world in a different way”

Cycle Journal

​Why ride and write? Because the unexamined ride is just a ride. But when you stop long enough to think about where you are going and why, when you take a moment to record what you have seen and felt, then you will be able to convert your everyday riding into something special. You will turn your cycling habit into a habit of the heart.

Riding AND writing helps the bike owner develop a deeper connection with the two-wheel experience. As a result, the novice will ride more regularly and the veteran will find a way around "growing stale." Journaling also acts as a "preservative." The journal keeper can go back and enjoy his or her entries in the middle of winter or when recuperating from an injury. The cycle journal rider covers a richer set of miles. (Sections formerly serialized in Oregon Cycling 1999-00).