Martin Kimeldorf's Shared Words

Risking A Better Pose

​Unhappy with pictures you take? Learn the golden and silver rules for posing, then watch how your images come alive and express your best features. This is a People's Posing Book. Learn about analyzing poses, improvisations, and view over 150 get-started sample poses.

In addition, later chapters in the book include advanced content useful to both photographers and models.


Green Screen Magic With Hot Shoe Flashes

​Give your photography a unique and dramatic edge by using green screen magic. This is the first book of it's kind revealing the PRACTICAL secrets of lighting a green screen with small hot shoe flashes. This book is written for the person who has limited space and budget.

Now every strobist, hobbyist, and commercial photographer can learn how to effectively light the green screen and thereby reduce time in post-production. The techniques worked out in this short booklet also apply to studio lights.

Loosen Up Before The Lens

​Once you loosen up before the lens, you’ll never again take a bland or repetitive image. When you learn how to apply improvisational acting technique, you’ll sail beyond the standard or clichéd poses. The richly illustrated booklet walks you quickly through the steps.

These methods will expand your creative range whether you are a photographer, model, or everyday “poser”. Those behind the lens can use this method to quickly build a chemistry that leads to expressive and unique images.