Martin Kimeldorf's Shared Words

Camping On The Edge

This is an eccentric collection of short stories, personal proverbs, and provocative essays. Many short stories discuss growing up during the crazy-making of the 1950 and 60s. I think of theses as Writings from the Cosmic Nuthouse.

It also includes "love letters" written to my favorite authors and uncles, essays about living with the apocalypse or hoping back on a bike at age 50. Humorous pot shots are taken at the digital society, personal relations, and living the life of learning. It’s hard to describe this unfinished collection…write me with a better one if you can.

Poetry & Short Sories

How To Stay In Love, Forever

​For over 30 years Martin wrote his wife Judy 3 poems annually. Over time, he came to view the 90+ poems as an accomplishment in these cynical and self-centered times. After retiring from teaching he submitted a handful of poems online and all were snapped up.

Immediately thereafter he was offered a print contract for the entire collection of poems and photographs. Come turn the pages of a true life love story. Then borrow lines, ideas, or entire poems to share with your special partner.