Martin Kimeldorf's Shared Words

Light and Shadow Reincarnating Into 2.0 Via Brain Surgery

​In 2013 I experienced 3 traumatic hospitalizations for intestinal blockage, knee replacement and brain tumor removal. This hallucinogenic journey took me to the light beckoning at the end of the tunnel.

This recuperative journal contains poetry, photo-art, and musings as I upgrade my life into a 2.0 version of myself. This essay is written to anyone facing into the Light and Dark

Cosmic Coding

​What part continues after death? Why do twins separated at birth display similar aptitudes and preferences? How will decoding the brain evolve in the future. I dance around these kinds of questions speculation, science, physics and metaphysics, evolution and reincarnation.

Soul Work

WritING AN Obituary Worth Reading—Sampler

At any stage in life, any one can profit from answering two questions: How have I lived my life? and How do I want to be remembered? The contemporary life-review obituary uses everyday language, humor, sayings, lyrics—and is worth reading. Many writing tips and samples from 18 to 80 year olds. In this Sampler read half the book for free. 

Journal on Growing an Old Soul

​This journal entry was written on the eve of my 67th birthday in 2015. I was now the oldest living known Kimeldorf, at least in my family. Several moments collided as I was asked to re-introduce my old workshop on Gourmet Aging. Updating that took me deeper into understanding my process of growing an older soul.

A Fool’s Witticisms And Reflections

​I began this collection of personal proverbs in the middle 1980s after entering a tumultuous phase in my chronology known as midlife. I was pulled into this period of self-examination by several significant and simultaneous changes.

This is a short collection of favorite quotes, proverbs, favorite paintings by others and himself.